The most frequently asked questions… and the answers.

My Gold Record is of course not an official recognition from some organization, but a great appreciation to celebrate an achievement or event. For example, for the launch of your song or album, the number of streams of your music or podcast achieved, a wedding, birthday or anniversary… these are often personal milestones that are rewarded with them.

To make the award look as good as possible, we use an original "oldskool" 45 rpm single from the last millennium. After a special bath and a "gold" coating, he can then start his second life. (De plaat is dus niet geprint.)

We process the plates into so-called Theme plates and Custom-made plates. Theme plates are based on templates, so that the design is fixed. With Custom-made plates, the layout is completely open.

Because we use random singles, we think it is a great thought that a Luv, Heino, The Shorts, Vanessa and James Last single still makes someone very happy
(Did you know that an artist never gets his own work as a gold record.)

The shortest answer to this is simply production time.

We now have 4 Theme records. The classic-looking Seventies(shown on the right), the Nerdyman, Heavyduty and Cupid.
To create one of these Themes, we use various programs and templates that we have developed for this. The design is therefore in a fixed place for each theme and cannot be changed. Of course the lyrics are. And in addition to the supplied information (artist, song title, etc.), it is possible to place your own image on the location of the cover.

Our other products are all Custom-made.
Because the design of this is still completely open, we also need several image files, fonts or a logo from you that we process in the background and the label. This gives you a very personal "custom plate".

The required production time is therefore often in the design. After all, it is the intention that you have something nice hanging on the wall that you do not get tired of. We are designers by nature and will always go for good design. That makes the difference.

Before the CD was released, music was released on vinyl in the last millennium. That went on a LP of 12 inch (about 30 cm) with several songs of the artist on it; the so-called "album". Singles had a size of 7 inch (about 18 cm) where the top 40 hits landed. Most artists first released the hit (or several hits) as a single and only then the album. Some "one day hit wonders have also been released as single singles.
A single and an LP both had a label that are both the same size in diameter. A single usually had a bigger hole in the middle; originally intended for record changers (think of a jukebox for example). To turn this on your own pick-up, record player or turntable, you needed a so-called adapter again.

So as a basis we use an original vinyl single that we process in the following formats:
A Theme plate has, just like a CD, a sight size of 20 x 29 cm. The frame of a theme plate is 32.6 cm high by 23.8 cm wide.
The One is made of plexiglass and measures 23 x 31.5 cm. We also have the option to (also) opt for a frame finish of 32.6 cm high by 23.8 cm wide.
The Two and TwoTwice are made of 27 cm x 36 cm plexiglass.
The Three has a size of 31.5 x 47 cm.
All plexiglass frames are fitted with a hanging hook.

On average 5 working days.
We aim to email you a first proof between 24 and 36 hours so that, after any correction rounds, we can expect approval of the final design within two working days. From that moment on we can actually start making the record (on day three) and offer it by post. The shipment normally takes one working day; and if we are unlucky two working days.
For the sake of clarity, working days run from Monday to Friday.
So if you order on Saturday, we will start immediately on Monday.

After your order you will receive a link to our form where you can send the necessary text and images. You can enter things such as song title, artist, producer, writer, certificate, etc. You can also pass on any comments or wishes.
Met die gegevens kunnen wij aan de slag om een eerste proef te maken. Dat voorbeeld krijg je overigens meestal de volgende werkdag in je mailbox (tot uiterlijk 32 uur na bestelling). Hierna volgt een correctiefase die we herhalen totdat je uiteindelijk tevreden bent. Daarna gaan we de plaat  maken en verzenden.

Yes that is possible. After your order you will receive a link where you can enter the plate details. You can also send an image there. We then place it where the cover is located; without additional costs.
Do you have any other wishes?
Then we can carry it out for you at a dtp rate (€ 8.75 per 10 minutes).
Do you have any other wishes?
Then you are simply cheaper with a Custom-made "made-to-measure" record.

Dat is geen probleem. Zonder meerkosten voorzien wij alle custom-made uitvoeringen (One, Two, Two twice en Three) van een, overigens, gold-plated CD i.p.v. een ‘gouden’ plaat. Hoe? Je krijgt na je bestelling een link waar je de plaatgegevens kunt invullen. Daar kom je ook de opmerking ‘Ik heb liever een CD’ tegen. Die moet je dan even aanvinken.

Om kort te gaan; nee. De kosten voor een LP versie liggen ten eerste hoger door de productie- en verzendkosten. Voor de verzending heb je bijvoorbeeld verpakkingsmateriaal nodig van minimaal 50 x 70 cm. En uit ervaring weten we dat, ondanks de platen goed worden verpakt met schokwerend materiaal, er vaak problemen tijdens transport ontstaan en awards kapot aankomen. Dat geeft ‘gedoe’. We gebruiken dus voorlopig alleen singles met lijsten die in verhouding staan; zodat de plaat er niet krap in oogt of bij het grootste formaat gaat ‘zweven’. Die formaten zijn met opzet zo gekozen omdat het doorsnee materiaal in lage resolutie wordt aangeleverd. Het grotere LP  formaat is weer interessant wanneer iemand over goed (hoge resolutie) beeldmateriaal beschikt.

Nee, we leveren geen losse gouden platen als ‘deelfabricaat’.

Different question?

Is your question not listed? Do you want to know more? Then contact us. Mail us at contact form or call 06 51905434. We are happy to help you.