A golden record…

An original and affordable gift for any musical hero or festive occasion? That will work with your own 'golden' record!
Based on a real 45 rpm vinyl single from the past millennium, we give the record a second "golden" life. We decorate the award with your data that we process in the label, the certificate and your record cover.

Do you opt for a Theme record? Then the design and position of the chosen theme is fixed. We can adjust the texts and the image of the record sleeve as desired.
All our other designs are all Custom-made and can be completed according to your wishes. In addition to the texts and possible record sleeve, we also process other visual material in these records (such as promotional photos, band logo and / or fonts used) in both the label and the background. The end result is a very personal 'tailor-made design'. Would you like to see what that might look like?


For every interior...

In the hall or living room. Trendy barbershop or lunchroom… a gold plated record is more than a gift, a thank you, trophy or just great to have on the wall. It creates atmosphere and is such an icebreaker to start up a conversation; ideal for a business space.

…in various sizes

Onze custom-made platen zijn in drie formaten verkrijgbaar. De designs kunnen, indien gewenst, staand als liggend worden gemaakt. Alle custom-made platen kunnen vervangen worden door een gouden CD.

Personally customized

A Theme record or Custom-made… every record (or CD) is made by hand and personalized to size.

Ordering works like this...
1 Go to the shop, make your choice and order your gold record.
2 In the link that you will receive afterwards, you upload your text and images.
3 Uhh… that's it! We will get to work for you and come up with a first example of your record within 36 hours.

There is already a Theme record from € 53.50 and a Custom-made from € 74.50.
The prices are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of shipping costs.