Your golden record!

Do you have a memorable moment? Have your first single been launched? Or do you already have a million streams? My Gold Record makes the ultimate gift for any musical or everyday hero!
Based on the text and images you provide, we design your own award, where you can choose a so-called Theme Record or a Custom-made version.

Are you going for a Thema Award? Dan heb je de keuze uit meerdere designs waarvan de vormgeving en positie van het gekozen thema vaststaat, maar je de tekst en de platenhoes naar wens kunt aanpassen. Al onze overige platen zijn Custom-made. The design is specially created by us. In addition to the record label, we take care of the entire award in which we also process other material such as (promotional) photos, logos and/or used letter fonts. A custom-made is always a very personal gift.

Want to see what that could look like?


in various formats…

Our custom-made awards are available in four sizes and are provided with a 7 inch single record. In our largest format (FOUR), you can also choose an LP (12 inch) record. The designs can, if desired, be created in portrait or landscape.

… in bling and bling-bling

Al onze awards (dus ook de Thema varianten) worden standaard voorzien van een single die gespoten is in lichtglanzend matgoud.
For the ultimate experience, our Custom awards are also available with a metalized gloss laminate record at an additional cost. In gold or platinum.

Personally customized

Een Thema of Custom-made… iedere plaat wordt zorgvuldig met de hand gemaakt.

Placing an order works as follow…
1 Go to the shop, make your choice and order your award.
2 Upload your text and images in the link you will receive afterwards.
3 Uhh… that's it! We will get to work for you and come up with a trial design within two working days.

Er is al een Thema Award vanaf € 71,50 en een Custom-made vanaf € 121,50. De prijzen zijn inclusief BTW en exclusief verzendkosten.